We offer our Surface Finishing clients all of the important Technical Services they need to identify and solve Paint Defect problems in their paint shop.

We also offer all of the Microscopy equipment (Digital Imaging Stereomicroscope Systems and Shop Microscopes) necessary for complete Paint Defect Analysis.


Our Technical Services include:


Paint Systems Analysis

Paint Defect Analysis Workshops

Air Filtration Surveys

Spraybooth Air Flow Analysis

Development of Client's Internal Dirt Reference Library

Laboratory Analysis of Paint Defects on Panels or Parts

Laboratory and Portable Digital Microscopy Equipment 


Paint Systems Analysis:

  1. Analysis of client's "dirt" defect problems - on their parts - in their plant.
  2. Analysis of the paint process looking for the root causes (sources).
  3. Recommendations and solutions for the problems identified.

Paint Defect Analysis Workshops:

  1. Training for Paint Defect Analysts (Dirt Analysts).
  2. Training for Paint Defect Reduction (Dirt) Teams.
  3. Paint Defect Awareness for paint managers and staff.
  4. We are doing exclusivley on-site training of Dirt Analysts and Dirt Teams. Call for more information.
  5. Click below to download a complete brochure with Workshop information.
  6. Call or e-mail us for information about on-site Workshops


Air Filtration Surveys:

  1. Spraybooth intake to exhaust and abatement.
  2. Laser Particle Counting and Membrane Sampling.
  3. Compressed Air Testing.

Spraybooth Air Flow Analysis:

  1. Theatrical Fogger acts as a "mega smoke stick" showing air flow patterns, booth balance, and problems.
  2. Videotaping of the air flow patterns.
  3. Report in a PowerPoint presentation on a CD.

Development of Client's Paint Defect Reference Library:

  1. Reference and Defect sample collection and documentation.
  2. Building the Paint Defect Reference Library.
  3. Development of countermeasures for each defect type.

Laboratory Analysis of Paint Defects on Panels or Parts:

  1. Optical Microscopy.
  2. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).
  3. Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis (EDX on SEM).
  4. X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy.
  5. Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF-SIMS).
  6. Scanning Auger Microscopy (SAM).
  7. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and Microscopy.
  8. Atomic Force Microscopy.
  9. Surface Profilometry.
  10. Metallurgical sample preparation and cross sectioning.
  11. Paint film thickness measurement on plastic by using microtome.

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